Launching on Vibe πŸš€

Launching on Vibe πŸš€


This is a shortened guide (of our official docs) for creatives who just want to dive in and get started.

πŸ‘‹ Welcome to your Vibe dashboard

Once you've created an account, you're immediately directed to the dashboard; this is where you can find tools to help you launch, track, and manage your NFT collections. Conveniently, this is also where you create your NFT collections.

Read more about how the dashboard empowers creatives on Vibe here. You can access your dashboard at

Getting Familiar With Your Dashboard

This is your portal to accessing your Vibe profile, creator stats, and collections. First time users should be sure to update their profile information and bind their wallet to their vibe account by clicking their profile picture. More details here.

Once you've setup your profile and explored your dashboard, you can create a collection!

Creating Your First Tiered Collection on Vibe

Feel free to watch along or read below for instructions.

Creating an Edition collection on Vibe

Vibe currently allows for the creation of Editions and Tiered collections. Stay tuned for more collection types and mechanics πŸ‘€

This guide will walk through creating a Tiered collection. Our Edition and Tiered tutorials have more detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to launch these types of collections.

  1. Each Tiered collection needs a Collection Title, Collection Artwork, and at least one tier to launch. The first step is to fill in the Collection Details, you can begin creating your various tiers.
  2. Setting up each tier is similar to creating an Edition. You can find a list of all the relevant fields and their descriptions here in our docs.
  3. You can now enter the attributes for your tier. Keep in mind, tiers can have different values for each attribute type. They can also have their own unique attribute types.
  4. Allowlist permissions can also be set on a per-tier basis. You can upload different lists for each tier or manually enter addresses.
  5. The next step is setting up Royalties and Collaborators. On this page you can choose your royalty percentage from secondary sales and add collaborators for you to split your profits with.

    NOTE A royalty split template must first be saved in order to apply to your collection. This creates an on-chain contract, which is then applied to all mints and secondary sales of your collection.
  6. Set the Time and Duration of the minting period for your collection.
  7. Finally, review all of your collection info.
  8. When you click Launch, a transaction that requires a signature will be triggered. Once you sign from your wallet, the contract for your Edition will be created.

Celebrate! πŸ₯³ You just minted your first NFT edition collection on Vibe.

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