Vibe Score

Vibe with us, we’re keeping score!

Score for every action you take on Vibe. Create, collect, mint, upgrade, and even hold - everything counts towards your Vibe Score. As we begin to onboard creators on a rolling-basis, we want to reward our early users and supporters as we build the age of NFT 2.0!

How to Grow Your Vibe Score

Be Part of the Vibe Ecosystem
There are 2 NFTs that automatically make you part of our ecosystem.

  1. Genesis NFT
  2. Vibe Check NFT

The Genesis NFT is free-to-claim for the 1000 early adopters of Vibe. These NFTs give early users perks such as allowlist spots for future projects, and access to new platform features. The claim period ended in May but you may still buy them on secondary markets.

The first wave of Vibe Check NFT is automatically airdropped to users who create a profile on This dynamic NFT records your activity on our platform and evolves with your interactions. Collect your Vibe Check NFT today to begin tracking your Vibe Score!


Vibe gives creators the tools and platform to elevate NFTs beyond static images, into products with multidimensional utility. Creating collections, launching campaigns, using plugins, and building rule engine templates are all things you can do to increase your Vibe Score. The more successful your campaigns, the better your score!


Artists and creators won’t get very far without collectors who support them. So if you mint NFTs and collect works from your favorite creators, we got you too! Follow us closely as we announce the creatives who are in our Batch 1. The NFTs you hold will never be the same again.

What about the Rewards?

Further details about your Vibe Score will be released following Batch 2.

For now, create, collect, engage, upgrade NFT 2.0 with Vibe!

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