Vibe Season 1 Batch 1: The Creative-First Era

The long awaited announcement is finally here.

Today we activate Vibe Season 1, Batch 1: The Creative-First Era to commence our journey to transform the future of digital assets.

The development of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has catalyzed the advent of ownership economy, building substantial value in market circulation of $10B.

We're at an inflection point to onramp other types of assets with real applications -- namely physical-digital experiences, membership, in-game assets, and more. This is a market more than $100 trillion.

Vibe transforms NFTs from pictures to products, from assets to applications that creatives can develop, launch, and manage. With Vibe, your Non-Fungible Tokens metamorphose into versatile applications, capable of seamlessly embedding physical products, digital airdrops, and upgradability mechanics - all without the need of any code. We are excited to see an era of new digital assets being onramped, enabled by Vibe’s infrastructure.

Batch 1: A Closed Beta for Creatives

We’re kicking off the Closed Beta for creatives and empowering the transformation of NFTs into fully-fledged products, applications, and beyond.

Our mission is to onramp the next cohort of digital assets that are programmable and interactive. We are excited to have our Batch 1 creatives joining us at this important inflection point to make this a reality.

Only a limited number of creatives were included Batch 1, each with their own unique vision, story, and authenticity. The way you view, interact, and own your digital assets is evolving, and throughout August, we will show you da way!

Following Batch 1 will be our second cohort, Batch 2, which will be a combination of return invites from Batch 1 and curated from the waitlist. You can sign up for our waitlist here:

Join the waitlist

Some words were out in the streets already with who is in Batch 1 ~🔟~

See you soon.

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